Share the Joy of Christmas
and bring
baby Jesus
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One door
at a time.


In the 8th century, Saint Boniface started the custom of the Christmas tree and today this tradition is widespread throughout the world. In the year 1223, in the Italian city of Greccio, Saint Francis started the tradition of the representation of the Lord’s birth and today the image of the Nativity of the Lord in Bethlehem decorates all the Christian homes on the planet. Let’s begin the tradition of placing an image of the Child Jesus on the doors of our homes so that it may bless families, and so that people from the street will behold the mystery of a God who was born for our salvation.

Share the joy of Baby Jesus!

The Baby Jesus banner is a clear sign of the true meaning of Christmas. Anyone passing by your home this Christmas will see the reason for your joy displayed on your front door. Let’s hope that one day on every door, on every house, in every street all across the world, there will be a Baby Jesus smiling and blessing those who pass by.

Banner Description:

  • 24” x 40” full color banner
  • UV inhibitors on a lasting 300D nylon weather resistant fabric
  • Finished with sewn hemmed edges
  • 1/2” wooden dowel through a slip pocket on the top of the banner
    with attached decorative chain and hook for easy display
  • 1/2” wooden dowel pocketed on the bottom of the banner

We all love Christmas. It’s a time for rejoicing in the Lord’s birth and for sharing this joy with our friends and family. But Christmas has become a commercialized and hectic season leaving us with little time to reflect on the gift of the Baby Jesus. If our hands are too full of things and our hearts are too busy to rejoice, then how will we find room to hold the baby Jesus? We want to help you bring the true meaning of Christmas to your neighborhood by placing a beautiful Child, a sign of light and eternal life, a perfect manifestation of God’s love for us, on the doors of our homes.

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Share the true joy of Christmas
with your friends and family!


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